Transport law

  • Road transport law (CMR convention)
  • Sea transport law
  • Maritime traffic regulations violations
  • Insurance invalidity in transportation
  • Covering of damages

Activities of Hansa Law Offices team have long been closely linked to one of the core business areas of Lithuania: the transportation. Years of experience in representing and consulting transportation market players have resulted in extensive know-how in the transportation law, leading to professional representation of customers from both private and public sectors in law courts of all instances.

Cooperating with Hansa Law Offices teams in Latvia and Estonia we provide consultations and representation in disputes relating to maritime accidents and pollution as well as ship and cargo losses, in chartering and agency, buying and selling ships, and in disputes as to violations of maritime traffic regulations.

Reimbursement of cargo owners for their sustained losses in disputes originating from legal relations of transportation has been an object in numerous cases assigned to the Hansa Law Offices team and settled amicably out of court or in court.