Real Estate and Construction Law

  • Real estate purchase/sale
  • Real estate management
  • Construction law
  • Contract preparation
  • Land parcel delimitation
  • Representation in negotiations
  • Representation in disputes

Hansa Law Offices team regularly represents real estate developers, construction companies, and other players in the real estate market.

Hansa Law Offices team provides its customers with all consultations regarding territorial planning, land-use change, and real-estate project planning. Questions arising in buying and/or selling real estate (apartment, land, buildings, engineering networks), determining land parcel boundaries, erecting buildings (both residential and commercial), and forming land parcels – all these are within the competence of Hansa Law Offices team.

We settle infrastructure use and development issues with governmental institutions and also consult on applicable restrictions on and development opportunities of real estate.

Hansa Law Offices team advises real estate owners (lessees) on all matters of real estate management, represents its customers in negotiations on contract making and/or termination, and provides consultations on construction management matters.

Disputes originating from construction relations are inherent to the process of construction. Hansa Law Offices team can give advice in contract preparation, tender making, participation in auctions, and selling or pledging assets. Should disputes arise the team would represent customers’ interests in courts.