Criminal and Administrative Law

  • Defence in pre-trial investigation and in court
  • Representation of persons charged with administrative offences
  • Representation of victims in criminal procedure of private prosecution
  • Defence of rights and legitimate interests of civil plaintiffs in criminal procedure

Many years of experience of Hansa Law Offices team in criminal and administrative law enables successful application of the gained knowledge and experience for defending interests of legal entities and private individuals regarding criminal law.

Criminal procedure goes beyond defence of suspects, defendants and prisoners as it also includes representation of victims and civil plaintiffs as well as defendants in criminal cases.

Criminal and administrative cases can be complicated in their circumstances or legal classification, but this is not a challenge to Hansa Law Offices team – thanks to its competence, experience and determination it finds the optimum solution in any situation.

Hansa Law Offices team specializes in defending interests of commercial entities and natural persons in pre-trial investigation and in courts in cases related to crime and offences against economic and business arrangement and financial system.