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  • EU law
  • Competition law
  • Copyright and intellectual property
  • Data protection law
  • IT law

Hansa Law Offices team advises on matters regarding competition law and related to prohibited arrangements, abuse of dominant position, concentrations, unfair competition, state aid, and in dealing with similar issues.

Competition regulations are hugely important for businesses: mergers and acquisitions can get banned, large companies can be obligated to allow their competitors to use principal assets or amend company’s business strategy, massive fines can be imposed for certain agreements made between competitors and business partners, and state support granted may have to be returned, therefore advice from Hansa Law Offices team helps to evade negative consequences.

Hansa Law Offices team defends and enforces the rights of trademark owners, helps to make best use of the value of your intellectual property objects and reduce the risks of infringements.

We have extensive experience in data protection, telecommunications and IT law.