Family Law

  • Divorce Distribution of property at divorce
  • Awarding of alimony
  • Determination which parent a child is to live with
  • Establishment of parenthood
  • Litigations relating to family legal relations
  • Marital agreements Inheritance issues

Hansa Law Offices team advises on preparing and analysing marital agreements that establish rights and obligations of spouses at marriage, divorce or separation. We are experienced in preparing marital agreements to be made both before marriage (prenuptial agreement) and after marriage (postnuptial agreement).

Hansa Law Offices team advises and represents its customers both in dissolution of marriage at mutual settlement of spouses and at initiative of one of the spouses as well as on all issues relating to dissolution of marriage: division of property, child custody and support etc.

Whereas dissolution of marriage is often accompanied by various suits at law, Hansa Law Offices team provides professional representation of its customers’ interests both at pre-trial dispute handling stages and in court.

Note that the widely acclaimed international legal handbook series “The Legal 500” published by Legalease Ltd in London for more than 20 years and providing the most comprehensive service review by independent analysts on legal service providers in over 100 countries recognizes the Lithuanian Hansa Law Offices team as the leading law advisers in the field of dispute resolution.